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Shamanic Detox

 22 mei t/m 29 mei 2021 SOLD OUT

4 sept t/m 11 sept 2021 -  4 spots 


Shamanic Detox, Maison Alauzet x Into Your Magic​

This is not any other detox retreat, this is one kick-ass power cleanse that will make you feel vibrantly alive.

In this program ancient indigenous wisdom, nutrition and modern psychology are combined to create fertile ground for the kind of transformation you desire. Providing you with all the comfort, nurturance and time to slow down and be with yourself in Nature.

Cleanse your Body, Mind and Spirit 

We are creating space for you to gently engage in a loving relation with nature and your authentic Self. To celebrate life and to realise that the awakeness that you are seeking is already here.

You want to feel your true essence

You're longing for a deep connection with yourself

You want to gain more clarity about certain aspects of your life

But you don't know where to start...

Vraag de brochure aan

You are so welcome, 

  • When you want to reconnect with nature

  • When you want to cleanse on a physical, mental, emotional and energetic level

  • Boost your immune system and balance your hormones

  • Rest and regenerate your nervous system

  • When you want to break with unhealthy habits and patterns

  • When you want to develop on a spiritual level and expand your awareness

  •  When you long for more energy, focus and clarity

  •  When you simply want some rest, balance and peace of mind

  •  If you are curious to explore new things

  • When you are ready to embrace your shadow parts, and embody your essence.



Maison Alauzet

12500 Castelnau-de-Mandailles

22 mei t/m 29 mei 2021


4 sept t/m 11 sept 2021

What to expect, 

Well expect nothing, experience everything.

We will guide you through a powerful process starting with a Temazcal ceremony (Mexican sweat lodge), followed by a Kambo cleanse, a Mushroom Journey and a one day Vision Quest. These medicines, in combination with Internal Family Systems Therapy, somatic experiencing, intuitive movement/dance and plenty of free time in nature will help you to dive deep into your system. To cleanse out all the toxins that are being held in your physical, mental and emotional bodies. To get to know, understand and embrace your shadow parts. And to embody your essence, the state from where you experience connectedness, clarity and Self-awareness.





Temazcal ceremony

Fire ceremony

Kambo ceremony

Mushroom ceremony

1 day Vision Quest

Spa day with sauna & hot-tub

Nature walks




Intuitive Movement/Dance

Shamanic rituals

Digital Detox

Time to relax & have  fun

For more information about the Temazcal, Kambo, Mushroom, Vision Quest ask for the brochure or send and email with your question. 



  • Ceremonies

  • Accommodation 

  • Nutritious detox smoothies and meals

  • Herbal teas and supplements

  • Woodfire Sauna & Hot tub

  • Swimming & Canoeing in the lake

  • Connection with like-minded people

  • Memories for life

Yes, I am in
Camping in Nature


Back to nature in a cosy and luxury tent with a matras and duvet. Outsite bathroom and toilet.




Together with a like minded soul. You share your room with another person. Max two persons a room. 




A private room for yourself. In a shared house.


To reserve your spot it is required to make a non refundable deposit of €600,-


Price does not include: Travel expenses, Travel and medical insurance, massages, energy healing or private coaching sessions.


We are aware that we live in a time of uncertainty. Therefore we have an adjusted payment policy and provide full refund in case travel restrictions will be reenacted.


When you need to cancel for other reasons:

If notice of cancellation is received within 30 days of program, deposits are non-refundableIf

notice is received at least 30 days prior to program, deposits can be used for a future program. The payment must then be used within two years or it will be forfeited entirely

Invoice for businesses excluding vat

Brochure aanvragen

"Your true nature within, that where the magic starts" 

"Your true nature within, that where the magic starts" 

Your Guides




When registered, you will be asked for medical and/or psychological information that may be important for participation. A Kambo & mushroom ceremony is not suitable for everyone. they cannot be combined with heart complaints, medication or the use of antidepressants, alcohol and drugs. If you are sensitive to psychoses or when you are pregnant, it is not recommended to use mushrooms and Kambo or at least make a well-considered choice in consultation with us. We ask you to complete a health declaration.

We ask you to fill this in honestly so that we can support the retreat in complete safety.


You'll feel when you are ready.

Heading 3

Let's go

So excited

               to meet you!

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